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Academic Coaching for
Life-long Achievement
Possessing effective academic skills is central to learning efficiently, effectively, and performing to one's full potential. Unfortunately, most of these skills are not taught or reinforced in schools. Disorganization and mismanaging time increase the stress students already feel. Adding test anxiety and improper preparation to this unstable foundation leads to poor school performance and underachievement.
StudyWise Tutoring focuses on organization, time management, and study skills so students can reach their full potential in a less stressful manner. The skills taught will serve them well in all their years to come.
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The StudyWise approach to academic coaching is a personalized one-on-one student based service that helps build a better student and person: Organizational skills • Time management • Study skills • ADHD and learning disabilities • Self-advocacy • Building self-esteem • Teacher communications • Individual course tutoring in math, reading, writing and much more.
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