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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a typical session like?
There is no typical session! Each child requires a different approach. Typically, we prefer to first teach organization, then progress to time-management and study skills. Sessions may include completing planners, checking websites, organizing binders, reviewing assignment expectations, long-term planning, teacher communication, studying for a test using the student's specific learning style, and/or using outside resources to further content comprehension.
Do tutors assign homework?
During the school year tutors do not assign homework. We provide weekly goals that apply to the students' current homework and upcoming tests.
How often do tutors meet with students?
StudyWise Tutoring recommends twice a week tutoring in the beginning of our work with students. However, many of the students meet once a week and some meet more than twice a week. The number of hours a week depends on scheduling, finances and level of need.
Do we tutor specific subjects?
StudyWise Tutoring offers limited subject tutoring, with organization, time-management and study skills incorporated within the subjects. The goal is to teach students skills beyond just content so they become more independent, responsible, and confident, resulting in greater success.
Why is a 12-week commitment required?
StudyWise tutors take the time to learn about each student in order to make a strong connection and working relationship. Academic coaching is very intricate due to various schools, teachers, ability levels, and learning challenges. Twelve weeks is a good amount of time to get to know the students' needs and provide a solid foundation.
Do some students tutor beyond the initial 12 weeks?
Absolutely! Some students have been with StudyWise Tutoring for several years. After the initial 12 weeks, tutoring becomes a month-to-month commitment . Many students continue because they become comfortable with the routine of having outside support. Parents also report less stress at home with a third party involved. Past 12 weeks, more specific lessons can be learned and students have a higher chance of applying the skills they originally learned.
Where does tutoring take place?
Tutoring takes place in office, at home, or at a local library. Amy Dishlip, owner of StudyWise Tutoring, operates out of her office in Beaverton, while contracting tutors can work in home, at a local library, or in office.
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The StudyWise approach to academic coaching is a personalized one-on-one student based service that helps build a better student and person: Organizational skills • Time management • Study skills • ADHD and learning disabilities • Self-advocacy • Building self-esteem • Teacher communications • Individual course tutoring in math, reading, writing and much more.
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